An International and Interdisciplinary Research Project

Welcome to the website of the Anxiety Culture Research Project.

In June 2015, an international group of scholars from Columbia University were invited to Kiel to meet their German colleagues in a “come-into-touch” conference, organized by ZeBiG and IPN (Kiel University), to discuss their research lines and projects, to share their methodological views and, eventually, find common grounds for future collaborations.

That meeting became the foundation stone of the Anxiety Culture Project, a project centered on social issues related especially (but not reduced to) to health, climate, digitalization and migration, and the lingering feeling of constant threats and dangers in our daily lives, and the public discourses that create or reinforce this anxiety.

Since 2015, the project has expanded and now counts with a large number of international collaborators, whose investigations cover a wide range of topics: from the theoretical approach to the notion of “anxiety” to case studies of how anxiety and its surrounding discourses can affect governance, education or even mental health, among others. And the project continues to grow. New participants and members are always welcome.

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