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An International and Interdisciplinary Research Project

Anxiety Culture researcher is asked to comment in dispute over publication of regional corona figures

On the well-known holiday island Sylt in Schleswig Holstein, people do not know how many islanders are ill with corona, as the mayor does not want to disclose the facts.Prof. Hoinkes argues that this behaviour reflects a wrong understanding of Anxiety Culture and further unsettles people who are already anxious. Find here the link to…
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The media publisher sh:z interviews Prof. Hoinkes on the effects of the Corona pandemic

These days the media are full of comments on the Corona crisis. On March 31st, the media publisher sh:z in Schleswig-Holstein published an interview with Prof. Hoinkes (e-paper page, pdf), in which he gives his thoughts from the perspective of the Anxiety Culture project. The AC team is happy that this interview was placed on…
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At the beginning of the Corona crisis, NDR asks for the opinion of an expert on Anxiety Culture

The Northern German Broadcasting Station was interested in Prof. Ulrich Hoinkes’ opinion on the Corona crisis. Even before we all became aware of the seriousness of the situation in Germany as well, the first hamster purchases were already being made in the shops. In a television interview on March 2nd, the NDR wanted to know…
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Report on the Conference “Varieties of Anxiety. A Global Perspective” at NYU

“Varieties of Anxiety. A Global Perspective” New York University, December 10th and 11th, 2019 The lastest conference around the topic of anxiety took place in New York City on December 10th and 11th, 2019. Some of our project members from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean met at New York University to discuss the different…
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“Von der ‘German Angst’ zur ‘écoanxiété’: Angstkulturen interdisziplinär und global” – Series of lectures on Anxiety Culture at Kiel University:

This winter semester, a series of lectures on Anxiety Culture will be hosted at Kiel University as part of Prof. Ulrich Hoinkes’s research colloquium. The talks, offered by several of our project members in German and in English, cover a wide range of topics: climate change, populism in politics, globalization, migration, education, literature… Anyone interested…
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The German scientific journal DUZ interviewing Prof. Hoinkes on the Anxiety Culture Project

The DUZ, the German University Magazine for Scientific Research and Social Transfer, published an interview with Prof. Hoinkes on the Anxiety Culture Project. Take a look at the article in the DUZ issue of Sept. 2019. [in German] The YouTube link at the end of this article refers to an online interview with Prof. Ulrich…
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Prof. Ulrich Hoinkes interviewed on the AC Project by NDR Info

On September 5th 2019, the annual study on fear (German Angst) was published by R+V Versicherung in Berlin. The Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR Info, the public broadcaster of Northern Germany) reported about it and took the opportunity to interview Prof. Ulrich Hoinkes about the Anxiety Culture project. [in German],audio557824.html

Deutschlandfunk podcast featuring the Anxiety Culture Project

The German National Broadcasting Corporation (Deutschlandfunk) published a podcast and written report, illustrated with examples and quotes from experts in the AC Project, giving some essential details about the special interest and topics of our collaborative work. We are happy to share this link with you. [in German]

“Kultur der Angst”: the Anxiety Culture Project made known by the North German press

The publishing group sh:z, which covers the whole area of the German State of Schleswig-Holstein, issues a special feature on the Anxiety Culture Project in its weekend magazine of August 17th, 2019. [in German]