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Climate & Environment

Earth warming and ecology, environmental protection, sustainability, agriculture, climate justice, etc.

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Members – Climate & Environment

Dr. Anna Lena Bercht

Kiel University, Departement of Geography

Anxiety in coastal fisheries: How identity salience matters in climate adaptation.

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Prof. Dr. Konrad Ott

Kiel University, Philosophy

Heuristics of fear in times of climate change.

Prof. Dr. Silja Klepp

Kiel University


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Frauke Nees

Kiel University, Institute for Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology

Reducing the impact of major environmental challenges on mental health (environMENTAL)

Abstract: Environmental challenges, from the gretaest global ones including climate change, urbanisation, and psychosocial stress caused by the COVID-19-pandemic, to very individual negative life events, family problems affect mental health, including anxiety, varying across the day and over the lifespan relating to individual decisions for risky or resilient behaviors. Those decisions are influenced by neurobehavioral microstates, including reward sensitivity or maladaptive stress reactivity, and have also been attributed to socioaffective cues… read full abstract

Prof. Dr. André Calero Valdez

Lübeck University, Computer Science

Digital Interfaces for Climate 
Can digital technology be designed in a way that improves climate-protective behavior on an individual and on a societal level?
How does storytelling in visualization impact the perception in the public? How can visual communication of data urge people to take action, but not drown them in anxiety?