Field of research activity

Population Health 

Public health care, mental illness, drug-abuse, violence, chronic diseases, pandemics, etc.


Members – Population Health

Prof. Dr. John Allegrante

Columbia University, New York

Social and cultural anxiety: Interdisciplinary applied behavioral research in clinical epidemiology and health services research. Risk and protective factors in adolescent substance use and mental health.

Dr. Sonali Rajan, Associate Prof.

Columbia University, New York

Prof. Dr. Angelika Messner

Kiel University

Emotion research and anxiety: Getting lost in-between the old and the new. Perspectives from Chinese contexts.

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Frauke Nees

Kiel University

Anxiety Index: The Digital Corpus of Anxiety Culture. Taxonomy (collection, classification and processing) of interdisciplinarily measured feelings of insecurity and anxiety in epidemiological (longitudinal) cohorts over the life span as well as construction of an anxiety index as an instrument for effective democratic system control, cooperation with Professor Christian Martin.

Prof. Dr. Anya Pedersen

Kiel University, Department of Psychology

Institute Director and Managing Director of the University Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy at Kiel University 

Prof. Dr. André Calero Valdez

Lübeck University, Computer Science

Understanding the impact of opinion formation, fear and behavior on pandemic preparedness by using simulation.