International Partnership

The Anxiety Culture Project aims to collaborate with a number of selected partners in special places around the world in such a way that a great gain in perspectives, experiences and reflections beyond the mainstream emerges. These places are not the typical centers of our moving lives, but rather meeting places for deeper reflection on the issues addressed in the ACP. At the same time, they are places that present the complexity and interconnectedness of these problems in a particularly authentic way.

University Centre of the Westfjords

The Westfjords of Iceland are a fascinating area in Europe, located in the far north. Here, the climate and beautiful nature present a great challenge for people to live, work and be economically active. The University Centre of the Westfjords accompanies these challenges with two academic master programs, Coastal Communities and Regional Development  and Coastal and Marine Management. This makes UCW an international place of learning and encounter. It is a place of learning that is at the same time far away and in the middle. Intellectuals, cultural figures, politicians and business and tourism professionals meet here. Together, they strive to find a balance between their often divergent interests and the common goal of preserving the natural environment for the benefit of all.

Dr. Peter Weiss, Director of the UCW, and his team support the ACP in many ways, providing numerous opportunities in their spaces and with their valuable contacts for an experience-based exchange about the difficulties and solutions in trying to reconcile local and global life in a sustainable way.