Anna Lena Bercht is a human geographer with a background in psychology. She works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Geography at the University of Kiel, Germany, and is an associate member of the Disaster Research Unit at the Freie University of Berlin. Anna Lena’s research lies at the interface of geography and psychology with a focus on human-environment relationships, psychological barriers to behaviour change, climate justice and social-ecological resilience. Employing qualitative research methods, she has engaged in fieldwork in China, Norway and Germany. Her most recent funded research projects examine barriers to climate adaptation and address climate communication.


Publications related to anxiety

Bercht, A. L. (2021): How qualitative approaches matter in climate and ocean change research: Uncovering contradictions about climate concern. In: Global Environmental Change 70: Art. 102326. PDF; audio summary:

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Bercht, A. L. (2019): Sleepwalking into disaster? Understanding coping in the broader field of mental barriers. Examples from the Norwegian Arctic in the face of climate change. In: Kendra, J., S. G. Knowles und T. Wachtendorf (eds.): Disaster Research and the Second Environmental Crisis: Assessing the Challenges Ahead. Cham, Springer, 137-160. Link und PDF Chapter

Bercht, A. L. (2017): No climate change salience in Lofoten fisheries? A comment on understanding the need for adaptation in natural resource dependent communities. In: Climate Change 144 (4), 565-572. PDF

Bercht, A. L. (2013): Stresserleben, Emotionen und Coping in Guangzhou, China. Mensch-Umwelt-Transaktionen aus geographischer und psychologischer Perspektive. Dissertation CAU Kiel. Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag (Reihe Megastädte und Globaler Wandel Band 8, 445 S.). Link zum Buch und open access



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Dr. Anna Lena Bercht

Kiel University, Department of Geography



Climate & Environment

Earth warming and ecology, environmental protection, sustainability, agriculture, climate justice, etc.