Research contribution

How can we respond systemically to uncertainties and fears in our societies? And what role do technologies play in this? Are they drivers of uncertainty or aids to solutions? This is the central question of my work. For this reason my contribution to the ACP is the search for and the compilation of research-based technologies that can initially be used for the topic areas of climate, energy and thus also for the research field of political systems and their stability. In the years 2023 to 2026, I am pursuing the following plan: With our R & D company KBHF GmbH “Fusion for Future”, which is located on the North Campus of KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, we are creating a technology map that compiles all forms of energy and tests their feasibility for everyday life. This market related work flows into the ACP.



Markus Lemmens is an editor, publisher, technology founder and CEO of three companies (Lemmens Media, Edutron Software, KBHF Fusion for Future Energy). He has worked globally on issues of research and technology management in Vienna, London, New York. Linking Science & Humanities with Economy & Civil Society is one of his main goals. Markus is part of the ACP Board and (currently)  the ACP Coordinator. Furthermore he is managing a deep technology consortium that is bringing growth-critical topics into application through scientific knowledge and technology transfer. In addition he is a lecturer and an interim manager in scientific and educational (non profit) institutions with a focus on university and research management, public governance and marketing. Markus holds a doctor and a master degree in Political Science with links into Public and European Law.

Dr. Markus Lemmens

Editor, publisher and CEO of Lemmens Media, Edutron Software, KBHF Fusion for Future Energy

Deep Technology: Bridging basic research and the finding of practical solutions as a contribution to an  anxiety handling in civil societies.


The four research clusters and their scientific teams propose the topics for investigation individually but they investigate always the (possible) impact of „New Technologies“ and  „Automation  / Artificial Intelligence“ which are defined by each area.