Karen Struve is Professor of French Romance Studies: Literary Studies at the University of Bremen since 2021. Her teaching and research interests include French and Francophone literatures from the 18th-21st centuries, postcolonial and poststructuralist literary and cultural studies, narratives of fear in recent contemporary literatures and media, and interdisciplinary literary mediation.

Publications on the topic of Anxiety Culture:

Anxiety Culture: The New Global State of Human Affairs
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„’La peur est pire que la colère.’ Entretien avec Shumonha Sinha“. In: lendemains, 46. Jg. 2021, 181, S. 101.106

Wissen in der Transnationalisierung. Zur Ubiquität und Krise der Übersetzung, hg. mit Trans|Wissen (Hg.): Bielefeld: transcript 2020

K. Struve (2019). Gestern Risikogesellschaft – Heute Anxiety Culture, Gegenwartsdiagnose und Zukunftsbeitrag in einem transatlantischen Forschungsprojekt: Omnipräsenz von Angst empirisch untersuchen. Wissenschaftsmanagement, 02, 119–126. https://www.wissenschaftsmanagement.de/dateien/wima_2_2019_struve.pdf 

Prof. Dr. Karen Struve

Bremen University, Romance Philology (Literature and Cultural Studies)

Frightening fractures: Discourses of Fear in Contemporary French Cultural Philosophy and Novel Production.

Theory & Methodology

In a mutual approach of (Social / Natural) Sciences and Humanities, research on the different aspects of Anxiety Culture has to be carried out in a combination of methodological traditions and innovations, referring to data-sets and empirical findings in each area of investigation.