Publications related to anxiety:

Kojan, L., Burbach, L., Ziefle, Valdez, A. Perceptions of behaviour efficacy, not perceptions of threat, are drivers of COVID-19 protective behaviour in Germany. Humanit Soc Sci Commun 9, 97 (2022).


Climate & Environment: Digital Interfaces for Climate

  • Can digital technology be designed in a way that improves climate-protective behavior on an individual and on a societal level?
  • How does storytelling in visualization impact the perception in the public? How can visual communication of data urge people to take action, but not drown them in anxiety?
Future of Politics, Work and Society/ Digitalization
  • How do technology and AI-based media impact opinion formation and fear. Can digitale media and its protocols be design to foster information exchange between different groups in a population without increasing polarization?
  • Does xenophobia increase in filter bubbles and between member of different bubbles?
Population Health
Understanding the impact of opinion formation, fear and behavior on pandemic preparedness by using simulation.

Understanding and harmonizing human and technological needs by designing the interaction of socio-technical systems.

Prof. Dr. André Calero Valdez

Lübeck University, Computer Science

Population Health

Public health care, mental illness, drug-abuse, violence, chronic diseases, pandemics, etc.