The four research clusters and their scientific teams propose the topics for investigation individually but they investigate always the (possible) impact of „New Technologies“ and  „Automation  / Artificial Intelligence“ which are defined by each area.

Members – Technology

Prof. Dr. Lars Gerhold

Free University Berlin

Critical security research: The development shift – from technical assistance to the coming automation of security.

Dr. Karena Kalmbach

Futurium Berlin

Prof. Dr. André Caldro Valdez

Lübeck University, Computer Science

Understanding and harmonizing human and technological needs by designing the interaction of socio-technical systems.

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Dr. Markus Lemmens

KBHF GmbH at KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of  Technology

Deep Technology: Bridging basic research and the finding of practical solutions as a contribution to an  anxiety handling in civil societies.

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