An International and Interdisciplinary Research Project

Finding Purpose in the Face of Uncertainty

Anxiety and Confidence Looking Forward – for a new interpretive approach
to our complex problems in the present and the future

Anxieties and their Potential: A Commentary on how Anxieties can be Useful in Times of Crisis

The newspaper association of the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein asked Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hoinkes, representing the Anxiety Culture Project, for an interview. The purpose was to comment on the role of anxieties in times of crisis and to explain how anxieties can be useful facing these crises. The entire interview can be found on the website of the newspaper association of the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein or by clicking on “Read full text”.


How do prejudices arise? What do they trigger in me? And how can we as a society deal with them? With the “Week against Prejudice”, the Anxiety Culture Project offered a platform in April 2023 to deal with these and related questions in an interactive and creative way. The connection to the research project is obvious – after all, prejudices are often driven by fears. With a diverse program at various locations on the campus of CAU Kiel, a broad audience could be addressed.


19 OCTOBER 2022

The ACP Expert-Talk | Landesvertretung
Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin

Anxiety Index 2025: Understanding citizens – protecting people

Identifying societal threats early and responding politically

20/21 OCTOBER 2022

ACP Autmn Workshop

Discussion Research Training Group

Topics – Third-party funding applications – Research strategy

27 OCTOBER 2022

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series
more info to follow

Climate, Crises, Wars and Concepts

Scientific contributions to options and opportunities for the future

Anxiety Culture Center

| Governance

The Anxiety Culture Center is the organisational body of the research project. Here all decision-making processes converge, ensuring the structure for successful research (from December 2022 onwards).

Our aim is to develop a contemporary science management. This means: offering as much freedom as possible for research while at the same time strategically reflecting of research programmes is also required.

In addition to funding opportunities and assistance with campaigns in research communication and scientific policy advice, the centre also seeks to ensure that young researchers are optimally supported. A further training programme offers therefor the opportunity to develop the potential and talents of junior staff. Senior Scientists also benefit from this.

The organisational body is represended by a Center of Kiel University, Germany. This formal structure offers by December 2022 the legal background for the partnershiph with Columbia University, funding effors and collaborations.

Anxiety Culture Art / Blog

| Outreach

Good research deserves to be communicated to the world. We want to ensure that science communication conveys the results to the appropriate target groups.

It is also important that decision-makers are specifically addressed. This can be supported by scientific policy advice. The curricula of the education systems should include the results of research on Anxiety Culture.

Art has – as a particular form of social interaction – a high priority in the project. On the one hand, art is used to accompany the interdisciplinary results of anxiety research. On the other hand, new forms of social exchange are created.

Outreach by artistic work is essential to the ACP. Creating new tools and instruments to deliver results and insights into public education, economic networks, society and the political arena is an essential aim.


Anxiety Culture Project

Heart of the endeavour is the interdisciplinary and international scientific work. This is organized in four fields of research activities which are intersectionally supported by theory & methodology and technological observations.

Theory & Methodology

In a mutual approach of (Social / Natural) Sciences and Humanities, research on the different aspects of Anxiety Culture has to be carried out in a combination of methodological traditions and innovations, referring to data-sets and empirical findings in each area of investigation.


The four research clusters and their scientific teams propose the topics for investigation individually but they investigate always the (possible) impact of „New Technologies“ and „Automation / Artificial Intelligence“ which are defined by each area.

Education & Outreach

Strong belief in an implementation of research findings in educational curriculums. This engagement covers a wide research communication approach as well. Digital tools will be combined with classical formats like conferences and one on one meetings. Science Diplomacy and political consultation is part of this aim.

Climate & Environment

Earth warming and ecology, environmental protection, sustainability, agriculture, climate justice, etc.

Future of Politics, Work and Society / Digitalization

Research and projects in this cluster are focused on the labor market and job prospects, communication and free speech, data protection, etc., in an environment of automation and digitalization.

Migration, Language, Culture & Discourse

Projects in this cluster cover a wide range of topics, including social integration, national isolationism, cultural identity, xenophobia, racism, etc.

Population Health

Public health care, mental illness, drug-abuse, violence, chronic diseases, pandemics, etc.

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